solo shows

2018 MOAH (Museum of Art and History), Lancaster

2018 «Cages we can’t be tamed», Stolen Space Gallery, London

2017 «Les Cages; l’espace entre les barreaux», Galerie C.O.A, Montreal

2017 «Junction» with Martin Watson, Nuart Gallery, Stavanger

2016 «The Cages and the reading rooms of their lives», ThinkSpace Gallery, Los Angeles

2016 «Les Cages; The echo of the Crash, Bam, Pow!», Above Second, Hong Kong

2015 «Trifecta», Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York

2014 «Les Cages; Beneath the skin», Reed Projects Gallery, Stavanger

2014 «Les Cages; A fractured Gaze», Mirus Gallery, San Francisco

2013 «Les Cages; Collection of the broken», ReedProject Gallery, Stavanger

group shows

2018 Passage, Galerie C.O.A, Montreal

2018 All the rage Art at Mandarin Hotel, Taipei

2018 Urban Nation Berlin 2nd exhibition, Berlin

2018 Scope Art Fair Miami, Miami

2018 Art Sida 8, Montreal

2018 Scope Art Fair NY, New York

2018 Art not Jail/ Young New Yorkers, New York

2018 Pow wow Hawaii at Honolulu Museum, Hawaii

2017 Scope Art Fair Miami, Miami

2017 Urban Nation Museum, Berlin

2017 Different Strokes, Berlin

2017 Art Sida 7, Montreal

2017 Liberty Fairs X Schott NYC, New York

2017 City Seats, New York

2017 Avant Arte X Unit London, London

2016 No Commission Fair, London

2016 No Commission Bronx, New York

2016 Femme to Femme Fatale, Moden Eden, San Francisco

2016 A Moment in Time XX, Saatchi Gallery, London

2015 Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York

2015 No Commission Fair, Miami

2015 Scope Art Fair Miami, Miami

2015 LAX/LHR Stolen Space, London

2015 Different Stroke, Tehran

2015 Different Strokes, Kabul

2015 AYAM WHAT AYAM, Penang

2015 Different Strokes, Hinbus Depot, Penang

2015 Scope Art Fair New York, Galerie C.O.A, New York

2015 Love is in the air, Reed Projects Gallery, Lancaster

2015 18 percent, Castor Gallery, New York

2015 20th ann. of Juxtapoz Magazine, Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles

2015 Pow Wow Hawaii, Thinkspace Gallery, Hawaii

2015 Thinkspace gallery 10th anniversary, Culver City

2014 Scope Art Fair Miami, Mirus Gallery, Miami

2014 Scope Art Fair Miami, The Dean Collection, Miami

2014 Bottleneck Gallery “Turtle Power” Nickelodeon, New York

2014 Bottleneck Gallery “Different Strokes”, New York

2014 Silicon Valley Art Fair, Silicon Valley

2014 Rook and Raven Gallery/Contemporary Deliquency, London

2014 Hashimoto Gallery, San Francisco

2014 G1988 10 year anniversary show, Los Angeles

2014 LA Contraband II, Los Angeles

2014 Project Gallery Los Angeles

2014 Galerie Géraldine Zberro, Paris

2014 Encan Maison Christophe Jorom-Derem, Paris

2014 Mecka Gallery, Brooklyn

2014 Project M, permanent exhibition at the Berlin Museum, Berlin

2014 Behind closed doors, charitable exhibition, Montreal

2014 6X6 PhoneBooth Gallery, Long Beach

2013 Project M3, Berlin

2013 Unit London Gallery, London

2013 G1988 CULT movie Art Show, New York

2013 Pulse Miami Art Fair, Mirus Gallery, Miami

2013 Phone Booth Gallery, group show POW! POW! with Lora Zombie, Long Beach

2013 Reed Project Gallery, And I am the Arrow, Stavanger

2013 ReedProjects Gallery, Welcome to reality, Stavanger

2013 Station 16 Gallery, Décover Magazine, launch no.21, Montreal

2013 Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art, Exchange, Las Vegas 

2013 LA Contraband, Los Angeles

2013 DConstruction, Galerie D, Montreal

2013 Home Sweet Home, A Benefit For Hour Children, New York

2013 When Life Hands me a skateboard, Australia

2013 San Francisco Art Fair, San Francisco

2013 Oli Bennett Charitable trust, London

2013 Suede Studios, Show Me Your’s And I’ll Show You Mine, Los Angeles 

2013 Mirus Gallery, The Looking Glass : Refraction Trough The Female Gaze, San Francisco 

2013 Chromatic 2013, Fonderie Darling, Montreal 

2013 Foundation 8daysfilm, Texas

2013 Cutting up Culture, Montreal


2018 Showtime Project, Boston

2018 Installation on Olympic Stadium of Berlin, Berlin

2018 Palms Casino Hotel resort, Las Vegas

2018 Festival MURAL, Montreal

2018 Mural with Pow Wow Hawaii, Hawaii

2017 “Undressed”, finissage of Mario Testino at Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin

2017 Mural with Martin Whatson, Stavanger

2016 Mural with Branded Arts, Los Angeles

2015 UFC office, Las Vegas 

2015 Nuart Festival, Stavanger