above second gallery | hong kong


march 22 - may 7, 2016

We last checked in with Sandra Chevrier all the way back in 2013, the Montreal-based artist teaming up with fellow comic book obsessive Lora Zombie for a Californian exhibition that was a whole lot more interesting than Batman v Superman.

It’s all the way over to Hong Kong this time, the well-travelled artist on the cusp of a run of shows that will take in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and plenty more. And it’s easy to see the appeal, Chevrier’s work is bold and beautiful, comprising two loaded barrels: of pop culture frivolity, and of oppressed female identity. The artist’s paintings seduce with instant appeal, before delivering their CRASH, BAM, PoW! of potent narrative; the fragility of our ‘superheroes’, the superficial role of the female in a male-dominated world, the struggle within.

Chevrier’s ‘Cages’ are society’s preconceptions of what a woman should, or should not, be; imprisoned by the conventions of identity. Expectations from the media, expectations from each other, false perfections — held captive by a warped desire to conform. Her superheroes? You … I … all of us.

Les Cages/The Echo of the CRASH, BAM, POW!,  Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong