trifecta | jonathan levine gallery


june 27 - july 25, 2015

Female figures have always been part of modern and contemporary artworks. And, representing female figures has been always perceived without any prejudices, no matter what art medium is been used. However, when we talk about female artists, the situation is quite different. During the 20th century, it wasn’t easy for female artists to make a breakthrough in the mainstream contemporary art (including street art), due to many reasons – one of them being patriarchal societies. Even in the 21st century, when the position of women has been significantly improved, we may often witness female artists being marginalized (Widewalls has extensively written about these problems in March, when we celebrated International Women’s Day – you may check out our article about 10 women in contemporary art). Recognizing the need to promote some amazing female artists, Jonathan LeVine Gallery presents Trifecta, a group exhibition curated by Yasha Young featuring works by Handiedan, Mimi Scholz and Sandra Chevrier.

Jonathan Levine Projects, 888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City